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Some people say that a city is a book.

说到东莞楼市的发展始终绕不开塘厦镇, 塘厦——全国千大强镇之一,位居东莞第五大经济强镇。

When we talk about the development of Dongguan City, Tangxia Town is a unavoidable topic. Tangxia is one of the ‘Top 1000 Towns’in China, and also its economic development is ranking No.5 in the whole Dongguan City.

01. 项目背景

塘厦镇新中心城单元位于城市新中心核心区,是实现塘厦“双心联动”(北承塘厦行政文化中心,南启未来商务中心)的重要抓手和先行启动区,亦是重塑塘厦中心的关键节点。受鸿荣源集团的委托,PMA执行董事余南雁先生(Nevin Yu)带领团队,与深圳市城市规划设计研究院城市更新规划研究中心以及东莞分院的同仁通力协作,为东莞塘厦打造了未来发展的全新地标——塘厦中心城项目,日前项目已正式纳入东莞市城市更新“头雁计划”第一批实施项目。

The Tangxia Central City project is located in the core area of the new center of the city. It is an important starting point and an important starting area for the realization of Tangxia's "double-hearted linkage" (the Tangxia administrative and cultural center in the north and the future business center in the south). The key node of reshaping Tangxia Center. Entrusted by Horoy Group, PMA Executive Director Mr. Nevin Yu led the team and worked together with colleagues from the Urban Renewal Planning Research Center and Dongguan Branch of Shenzhen Urban Planning and Design Institute to create a future development for Tangxia, Dongguan. The new landmark - Tangxia Central City project, has been officially included in the first batch of implementation projects of Dongguan City's urban renewal "Touyan Plan".

02. 规划策略


The project is located in the center of Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, at the bridgehead of Dongguan facing the Greater Bay Area, an important gateway to the Linshen area, with convenient transportation and obvious location advantages. The project is only 34 kilometers away from Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport and 23 kilometers away from Shenzhen North Railway Station.


PMA starts from the characteristics of the site itself, and the planning needs to extend the axis with the town government building and the civic square.


Before carrying out the specific design, we analyzed the positioning vision of the project, planned and researched, and the pulse of the project was accurately grasped to resolve the three major demands of the project.


According to the three major demands, we benchmarked the cases of successful urban central areas at home and abroad, and propose corresponding solutions. PMA proposed a design strategy for the overall improvement of the area - core landmark buildings, complex blocks, and ecologically comfortable public spaces. The overall vision and positioning of "Dongguan New Gateway, Lohas City in the Bay Area" has been defined for the project.

03. 设计构思


At the planning level, clarify the division of functional groups. With the central axis green space as the core element, retail and office functions are arranged around it to form a public core area that can be used by all people. The two ends are mainly residential and community green space, so that the central city has a balance of work and housing, forming an integrated city. Secondly, take the existing government building as the starting point on the north side, and extend to the south to create the central axis of the city image.

04. 三大亮点

1. 中心绿轴广场的立体化:考虑到场地的南北高差,在竖向设计上匠心独运,通过下沉广场、建筑与绿地间空间的过渡等,化解高差影响,并且将中轴线三块绿地的步行体系无缝串联,形成了立体和一体化的开放空间体系。

Vertical arrangement of the central green axis square: Considering the height difference between the north and the south of the site, the vertical design is ingenious. The pedestrian systems of the three green spaces are seamlessly connected, forming a three-dimensional and integrated open space system.

2. 大胆建议将文化和商业业态引入中心绿轴,且以精细化的场所营造手法,将绿轴与城市的文化、商业功能有机融合,打造功能复合、充满城市活力的绿轴公园。使得中心绿轴不是一个只可观赏,而更是可以使用的活力城市场所。

Introduce cultural and commercial programs into the central green axis, and use refined place-making techniques to organically integrate the green axis with the city's cultural and commercial functions to create a green axis park with complex functions and full of urban vitality. It makes the central green axis not only a place for viewing, but also a vibrant urban place that can be enjoyed by people.

3. 通过核心区内部的立体连廊系统,把各个节点和组团紧密相扣,形成空中休憩和交通两用的绿廊,且助于核心区的人车分流及有助于未来商务活动的高效结合。Through the three-dimensional corridor system in the core area, each node and group are closely linked to form a green corridor for both leisure and pedestrian connection, which helps to divert people and vehicles in the core area and contribute to the efficiency of future business activities combination.

05. 设计灵感

从项目开始,主要的重点就放在了核心的中轴绿地以及围绕中轴的四个商业商务地块的打造上。由于项目有着特殊的区位和重要性,从最开始的非对称式的布局,再到最终确定了两条双弧线结合立体开放空间的对称布局,PMA团队在设计过程中经历了多轮推敲。“我们希望可以通过优雅的弧线呈现极具张力的中轴空间,并且化解整个中轴绿地过于平板的用地形态。弧线的内侧是商业和绿地相结合的城市开放空间系统,弧线外侧则是多个水晶盒子一般的文化功能特色建筑。整体以流畅和独特的形象,为这一重要区位打造极富仪式感又非常亲切友好的地标门户。” 余南雁先生如是说。

From the beginning of the project, the main focus has been on the built-up of the core central axis green space and the four commercial plots around the central axis. Due to the special location and importance of the project, the PMA team went through many rounds of deliberation in the design process, from the initial asymmetrical layout to the final format of the symmetrical layout of two double arcs combined with a three-dimensional open space. “We hope to present a very dramatic central axis space through an elegant double arcs, and resolve the dull land use of the entire central axis green space. The inner side of the arc is an urban open space system that combines commercial and green space, and the outer side of the arc are multiple cultural functional buildings like crystal boxes. With a smooth and unique image as a whole, it creates a very ceremonial and friendly landmark portal for this important location." Nevin Yu said.




06. 关于项目业主

About the Client


Founded in 1991, after nearly 30 years of steady development, Horoy has grown into a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group with real estate development, commercial operation, industrial development, and financial technology as its core and diversified operations.

在城市更新领域,鸿荣源立足区域综合开发,以大城运营、产城融合的战略,深耕深莞区域,布局多个中心项目。 In the field of urban renewal, based on the comprehensive development of the region, with the strategy of big city operation and integration of industry and city, Horoy has deeply cultivated the Shenzhen-Dongguan area and laid out a number of central projects


07. 关于Place Making Architects (PMA)

Place Making Architects (PMA) 是一家总部位于中国香港特别行政区的建筑和城市设计事务所,在业界屡获殊荣。PMA与客户紧密合作,提供尖端的设计解决方案,以应对不同规模的项目和帮助客户解决项目发展所遇到的各种问题和提供设计决策顾问服务。PMA专注于各类型的城市设计和概念规划项目,更广泛涉猎商业、办公、医疗、酒店等方面的建筑、景观设计和室内设计项目。就如我们的名称所示,PMA旨在为城市创造精致和丰富的场所与空间。

Place Making Architects (PMA) is an award-winning architecture and urban design firm headquartered in Hong Kong SAR, China. PMA works closely with clients to provide cutting-edge design solutions to deal with projects of different scales and help customers solve various problems encountered in project development and provide design decision consulting services. PMA focuses on various types of urban design and conceptual planning projects, and is also widely involved in architecture, landscape design and interior design projects of commercial/retail, office, medical, hotel and other typologies. As our name suggests, PMA aims to create sophisticated and vibrant places and spaces for cities.

东莞塘厦中心城 项目地址:中国|广东省|东莞市|塘厦镇中心






首席设计师:余南雁(Nevin Yu)

景观设计总监:冯俊麒(Kenny Fung)



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